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Welcome to the USF CSCMP Student Roundtable!

Thank you for your interest in joining the our Student Roundtable! We are glad to have you as one of our USF CSCMP members and we are looking forward to seeing you in our meetings, events, and tours. To complete your membership registration, it is required to join and pay the National CSCMP Membership Fees as a student member. You receive several benefits just by being a member of the National CSCMP and you can explore these benefits in the following link:


Once you have paid the National CSCMP membership fee, please email indicating that you have paid the National CSCMP membership fee.

1. Go to and

2. Select the "Create Account" button on top. 

Site Title

3. Fill in your information for your profile

4. Click on "individual Membership" Under Membership tab on the Menu

5. Scroll down to Student Membership section at the end of page

Click on the "Purchase" Button

6. Fill in your graduation date

7. Choose the option "Student (STUD)" and click the "Next" Button

8. Click on the "Add to the Cart" button

9. When new options appear, Click on the "Pay Now" button

Step 10: In “Send an additional copy via e-mail to” section, type              “,”
Fill in your credit card information
Click on the “Charge Credit Card” button to complete payment

2. Click on "Membership" button 

3. Select "New Member" option and click on "Add to Cart" button

4. Click on "Checkout" button after viewing the cart

5. Type your USF Email for email section

Fill in your credit card information

Click on "Place Order" button to complete the payment

If you any questions, feel free to contact our VP of Membership- Wenwen Zhang- at

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